Flick Golf Free ‘Eliminator’ update out now

Get the latest Flick Golf update on the App Store and try our new endless game mode!

Flick Golf Free 'Eliminator' update out now on the App Store
Classic game modes Quickshot & World Tour are now joined by Eliminator, an endless mode which challenges you to flick as many consecutive hole-in-ones as possible.

Returning fans will love the precision required to master Eliminator, while new players will find it’s a great way to learn the nuance of Full Fat’s signature after-touch controls. You’ll all be inspired to go after crazy scores as the competition heats up on the leaderboards! It’s perfect one-finger gameplay.

We’ve also remastered the entire game to make the most of the extra power in new devices like the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Enjoy Full HD graphics and shiny new menus, as well as side missions, which set new objectives across all three game modes.

The ‘Eliminator’ update is out now on the App Store and is coming very soon to Google Play.

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