Designing Agent Dash: Concept art

Using concept art to take our favourite hero in a new direction.

Earlier this year, we decided to bring Agent Dash up-to-date for a new era of smartphone gaming. Since 2012, when the game was first released to great acclaim, mobile games have continued to improve and impress in all aspects of design as hardware power has ramped up at an a crazy pace.

To take advantage of devices like Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, we remastered Agent Dash with more detailed levels, new gameplay and even new characters! You can play this huge new update for yourself by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

Wil Overton joined Full Fat to help create concepts for the new features in Agent Dash; from new characters like Agent Riley and Dash Junior to secret items like the one below, which arrives in another update soon. He’s also working on some new projects that we’re keeping under wraps for now!

Agent Dash power-up concept art
We asked Wil about why concept art is important, and what he enjoys most about working as an Illustrator at Full Fat.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, which is probably why concept art is so important in a game like Agent Dash, or any game, come to think of it! A sketch is quick to create (well, sometimes) and everyone can see, instantly, whether it works or not, so at this stage a lovely finished picture isn’t as important as simply getting an idea across.”

Agent Dash Junior concept art
“When the decision was made to create two younger agents we initially looked at movies like Spy Kids and designs like those in Big Hero 6. We wanted Dash Jr. and Riley to be both likeable and cool, and while an older Dash suits the look of a classic Bond tuxedo it didn’t really fit with the younger characters, so we went with the special ops spy suits. What else would Riley have worn? A ball gown?”

Agent Dash Riley concept art
“Being able to create characters and other cool stuff for games like Agent Dash has got to be about the best job ever and I’m really enjoying being here at Full Fat. Everybody’s enthusiastic (even when I do a rubbish drawing) and pitches in to create the best games that they can. There’s nothing like it to make you eager to get in each day. Plus, there’s the chocolate drawer in the office fridge!”

Look out for more behind-the-scenes blogs from Full Fat soon!

Download Agent Dash from the App Store or Google Play.

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